About Dr. Lincoln

Dr. Lincoln has distinguished herself as a scholar whose research and publications have expanded our understanding both methodologically and conceptually of mental health and well-being among Black Americans. Dr. Lincoln grapples with issues that lie in improving clinical and community-based treatment of persons with mental health disorders and chronic health conditions.

As an educator and mentor, Dr. Lincoln facilitates critical thinking and inspires her students to be agents of change. She understands that the success of a course is not simply measured by how much is learned, but by how it is learned. Her goal as a teacher is to help create an experience for students that get them excited about learning.

Dr. Lincoln is actively engaged in African American communities. She is founder and chair of Advocates for African American Elders, a group of governmental and non-governmental agencies and community advocates whose mission is to be an active voice in the development and enactment of policies and culturally relevant programs that impact services to African American older adults and their families.

Dr. Lincoln is owner of Karen D. Lincoln Consulting Services. Her company provides a full range of applied research and evaluation services and cultural competency training to nonprofits, community-based organizations, government agencies and major universities.

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